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Celebrate April 2019 Planner Stickers - National Holiday Stickers - Special Days Sticker - Wacky Holiday - Holiday Planner Sticker
Wacky April Holiday Stickers 2019 WH04

Wacky April Holiday Stickers 2019 WH04

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Calendar Planner Stickers - Celebrate April 2019

A fun way to decorate your monthly or weekly view in your planner! Or place these on your family calendar!

This sheet has a sticker for each day of the month and sized to be used in any planner. There is also a usable washi strip included on each sheet!

You will receive one sticker sheet as shown, kiss cut and ready to use!

We print on high quality matte paper which makes the colors vibrant, but please note that colors may vary slightly from photos due to different monitor settings.

(Any watermarks will not be on the final product)

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